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The best pants & shorts to wear this spring

The best pants & shorts to wear this spring

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One of the best things about updating your clothes for spring is knowing how far you want to go. If you wish to get in on it by adding just a few fun colors or brighter and bolder ones, the decision is yours, and we're here to help. Here we tell you how to give a spring touch to your looks during the week and on weekends with the best pants and shorts for work.

Colorful jeans

Adding a colorful pair to your closet will seem normal if you're already comfortable in jeans. If you go for something neutral, like brown, you can quickly wear it with your everyday favorites or go with shirts and jackets in complementary colors that stand out, e.g., pink, baby blue, pastel green, and yellow. If you're new to this, a good rule of thumb is to choose one statement piece per outfit, then pair it with understated accessories.

Technical pants

As the days get longer, you become more active. You can put together your golf look to enjoy with your friends with pants that move as much as you do. A little stretch and many flairs should be part of the plan; you'll get it with the right players. Start with more sporty khakis than dressy ones with time, wrinkle-resistant, and moisture-wicking technology, then add a piece look; a stylish polo shirt to complete you, and an outdoor jacket will look great.

Light washed jeans

You already love the five-pocket style and ease of wearing denim to every party, so switch it up for a lighter shade for spring. A few tips to remember: You have to nail the fit. Ill-fitting jeans should not be worn; a lighter shade will only highlight or exaggerate the wrong size. Also, more delicate washes tend to have a more faded look, which looks great but is more casual, so follow that theme with your other evening and weekend outfits.

Soft washed chino pants

The same worn-in look and muted tones, but better suited for work, dates, weddings, and other dressier occasions. To steer clear of your winter hues, choose colors in the same family as the ones you're used to wearing: greens, blues, and browns, but lighter, softer, spring-ready variations. Follow the same rules, get the right shoes, mix up your favorite basics, and level up and step out of your comfort zone when you feel advanced.

Hybrid shorts

This spring-summer basic has evolved in looks, materials, and colors. Choose polished shorts with a drawstring waist for comfort or a flat front.

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