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How To Dress Appropriately For Every Occasion

How To Dress Appropriately For Every Occasion

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You know that "you never get a second chance to make a first impression." Today we live in a time when appearance is highly valued, not only by others but because dressing well makes us feel good. Also, dressing well is not only related to having a good appearance. If our goal when dressing well is related to the need to improve our self-esteem and confidence, we give you other recommendations that can help you. All this will increase our opportunities, both professionally and personally.


For black ties, women can opt for a long dress, or separate pieces, always keeping it elegant. In contrast, men should choose to wear a tuxedo or a tailcoat accompanied by a starched shirt, white bow ties, and a cummerbund.


It is a term that refers to a poorly defined type of wardrobe that we have placed between the etiquette and formal wardens. Although it is a proper wardrobe, it does not become etiquette. For men, it is usually a dark suit, classic cut. It can also be wearing a tuxedo without a bow tie, a neckerchief, or a similar style. For women, depending on the time of day, a short suit or jacket or a cocktail dress. Some authors indicate that a half-label wardrobe uses some label garments combined with others from the formal wardrobe.



Short dresses, skirts, and blouse sets, as well as flared pants and straight cuts, are the garments that are currently trending in cocktail attire. We recommend wearing a pencil skirt with a bolero top in fabrics like crepe, scuba, and neoprene for indoor events. Outdoors, wearing flowing garments with prints in not-so-short designs is preferred to avoid mishaps with the breeze. For men, suits with subtle patterns and ties are recommended. However, it is clarified that, although it is a less rigid dress code than the label, the concept of elegance cannot be lost in these garments. The bow tie in different colors is suggested as a detail that can complement a cocktail suit, even though this code does not regulate it.


This type of clothing is used in special work meetings during the day, such as meetings, breakfasts, conferences, or special events. Women can opt for formal pants like tailored clothes and a legal suit with a tie for men.



There is a wide range of possibilities for both sexes, men and women. For gentlemen, from dress pants combined with a shirt and a sweater to jeans combined with a short-sleeved shirt or a polo shirt. For women, there are many possible combinations of skirt-blouse, pants-blouse, jacket suits, etc. Fashion greatly influences clothing, but much more directly in women's clothing. The sporty style or "look" is often mixed or mimicked with the informal style. As with the half label, some authors identify this style when a sports garment is combined with other clothing.

The dress code is the key to avoiding making mistakes in choosing your wardrobe. The experience of going to buy clothes should not be exhausting, although there are tips regarding what garments should be worn on certain occasions. You cannot leave aside criteria such as your taste, texture, and body proportions. These shades best combine with the pigmentation of your skin and wearing pieces that help accentuate the person's attributes and that help hide some less flattering features."

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