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How to Clean Patent Leather Shoes and Accessories

How to Clean Patent Leather Shoes and Accessories

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Boots, sandals, business shoes... Patent leather is present in a wide variety of shoes, as it is a material that gives them shine and elegance. Do you like patent leather shoes? If you have some at home and love using them, you should know the best tricks to keep them in perfect condition and show them off with quality on the first day.
Patent leather shoes used to be reserved for formal occasions, but as fashion moves with the times, more and more everyday items are made from this material. But do you know precisely what patent leather is? Next, we answer your questions and tell you how to clean patent leather on shoes and other accessories such as bags or purses.
Cleaning patent leather is relatively easy; follow our tips on cleaning synthetic patent leather to ensure your items look their best.

Cleaning patent leather is similar to cleaning formal leather shoes, but it's important to note that there are differences between the two types of leather. Patent leather is a type of leather that is treated to achieve a high shine. It is also stiffer than raw leather. Therefore, how to clean patent leather shoes needs special care to keep them looking pristine.


Vaseline can be a great ally in cleaning patent leather shoes, as it will help you get the most shine out of them. The trick for cleaning patent leather shoes with Vaseline is simple: apply a small amount of Vaseline to the shoe and spread it using circular movements with the help of a dry and soft cloth. It is essential that there is no product residue but that the patent leather absorbs it completely. With this simple step, you can recover the shine of your shoes. If you don't have Vaseline on hand, you can use furniture polish or glass cleaner.


The vinegar will help keep your patent leather shoes clean, disinfected, and shiny, especially if the shoes are filthy. Mix water with a dash of vinegar and soak the suede in the solution. Then, rub the boots to remove any remaining stains. Finally, clean the shoe with a dry chamois to achieve a shiny finish, be careful because, although the vinegar helps you clean the shoe and restore its shine, you cannot apply it in excess since its acid could damage the shoe. Rub gently, and don't get the cloth too wet.

Olive Oil

We cannot forget a product like olive oil, which is ideal for restoring shine to your patent leather shoes, thanks to its natural properties that allow you to lubricate and moisturize the shoe. Apply just a couple of drops on the shoe and spread it with a dry chamois, making circular movements carefully. Only apply olive oil in excess since, in this case, you will not be able to shine the shoe but rather give it a greasy and unpleasant appearance.

Orange Juice

Although it seems incredible, orange juice can be an excellent ally to get the maximum shine out of patent leather. Using a soft brush, spread orange juice over the shoe so that natural properties are fixed, and the brilliance of the shoe is extracted. Remember to pass a clean cloth to remove excess product and prevent the appearance of new stains.

How To Clean Patent Leather With Soap And Water

• Use a soft bristle brush to clean up any loose dirt.
• Use a clean, soft, old toothbrush to remove small crevices from the inside.
• Clean patent leather with a soft, damp cloth that has been dipped in a solution of water and a small amount of liquid soap. You can also try a specialized surface cleaner.
• Polish the item with a soft cloth. Let it air dry.

How To Use Baby Wipes To Clean Patent Leather

Wet or baby wipes are an efficient way to clean patent leather when a quick fix is needed.
• Run the baby wipe over the item.
• Then, polish with a clean, soft cloth.

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