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Heading Out? Don’t Forget These Stylish Winter-Ready Accessories

Heading Out? Don’t Forget These Stylish Winter-Ready Accessories

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When the temperature drops, stepping outside in style requires more than a great coat and a warm face mask. To be prepared, you’ll need a few additional winter accessories for a fashionable outing in the cold. Luckily there are plenty of chic little garments to keep you cozy from head to toe.

Suitable winter accessories can polish the puffiest of jackets, give you grip in the snow and slush, and encourage warmth.
Below is a winter accessories checklist for finishing off your cold weather–ready attire.


A minimal pair of gloves is the simplest of winter accessories. While we cannot be more hyperbolic about the laurels of Uniqlo’s heat tech engineering, these seemingly essential black gloves won’t break the bank and have tech-enabled pointer fingertips. In addition, the black leather shearling-lined Ugg option will keep fingers warm and are good value for a lined-leather option.


The most versatile kind of winter hat, the beanie works hard to maintain the warmth while not taking too much away from your outfit as a whole. Please keep it simple with either of these cashmere knit beanie options: a neutral grey, or make more of a colorful statement with this bright red Navygrey option.


As one of the accessories most likely to stay on when you come in from the great outdoors, we opt for ones with happy hues and extra soft fibers. While neither of these is blanket scarves, the cashmere or wool blend makes them just as warm when wrapped.


A lug sole is a secret to not slipping in the snow and rain. From chunky, low-heeled rain boots with a classic upper, both of these should help put a pep in your step in the winter months.


Sunglasses aren’t solely reserved for summer months—think of the reflection of the sunlight on the snow and those extra crisp cold days without a cloud in the sky. So pick from one of these oversized frames for some protection with personality.


The extra layer of difficulty when answering a text or finding your credit card with gloves, puffer, etc., makes a tech accessory an easy option for the winter. Plus, this ring can track sleep and heart rate, ensuring you are correctly hibernating in your loungewear.

Sporty Extra

Not the world’s most fashionable cold-weather accessory, but these grips can be added to almost any shoe and makes trekking through ice and snow a lot less disastrous.

But Wait, There’s More...

If you have the classic winter accessories covered, consider one of these less traditional styles that are still extremely practical. For example, slip on a dickey, which provides an extra layer without adding sleeves, or keep exposed ears warm with a fuzzy headband.

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