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How Many Colors And How Do I Combine Them In My Wardrobe?

How Many Colors And How Do I Combine Them In My Wardrobe?

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Going well dressed is crucial and a sign of distinction of our good education. Taking care of the image and the person is fundamental to giving an excellent first impression. Most image care experts say that the colors we wear reveal much about our personality. Therefore, combining a series of colors when choosing the garments in our wardrobe and responding to a criterion of personal taste should contribute to creating our style, a good image, and a captivating feeling in others.

As I always say, being well dressed does not mean wearing a brand name or having to wear them. On the contrary, 80% of what I wear will be marked by how I wear it. It is our personality that gives a special touch to those garments, and not the garments themselves. In contrast, 20% will depend on how I combine them and the colors I choose when combining them. So let's dive a little deeper into the colors that I should combine and how I can combine them.


There is no specific or standard number, but it is pretty clear that choosing garments of many different colors makes it much more complicated to combine them. The task is easier if we decide on our garments among a few shades. We should be more sparing when choosing the colors of our wardrobe since using a few colors can give us an image that is too sober, boring, or austere. If we like to dress in a "monochromatic" plan -those people who always wear one color, usually black or white-we will try to give a little color to our wardrobe even if it's just a detail like a foulard, a scarf, a tie, a belt, etc. It will significantly improve your image.


If our goal is to dress, this is the best option, especially for women's clothing. I chose a color with an intense hue and combined it with its lighter variant. For the men's wardrobe, it would not be exquisite. It is better to play with contrasts rather than with the same shades. While for women's clothing, if we combine two very opposite shades within the same range, although it is difficult to find them, we can give a sober but elegant image.
These opposites are classics par excellence, although if your image with them can give the feeling of a severe and traditional person, the truth is that combined with the right clothes, it provides an idea of great elegance. Within the men's wardrobe, it is one of the classics, black suit, white shirt, charcoal gray suit, white shirt, etc... Within the neutral, we also consider the jean, since it combines all colors and prints.


When we opt for a wardrobe of this type, we usually only use the colors of a particular segment of a color wheel. In other words, if we choose the color orange, we will use all the possible tones and variations in that segment without leaving that "fragment."
Fashion, at certain times, has imposed this trend. For example, in dresses for women and in suits for men - who hasn't seen that cream suit set, with the beige tie, cream shirt, and brown shoes, for example?


As a general rule, combining only two patterns in the same look is best. For example, combining a design and two plain colors would be better, as long as one of those colors enhances one of the primary colors found in the pattern. This same rule applies to both men and women. The combination of more than two patterns can give a solid image that is not very harmonious and elegant.

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