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7 Hair Colors That Will Succeed This Season

7 Hair Colors That Will Succeed This Season

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We are among those who decided to resume the return with a desire for challenges and changes. Autumn gives us color and mild temperatures, and October is an optimal month to be reborn and recover with energy for the festival purposes that come with the end of the year. We discover new hair colors for a fresh and attractive new look.

Chocolate Cherry

Undoubtedly, the experts point out that it will become the new fashion color for our launching season. This cherry chocolate color has a shade between coppery red and mocha chocolate. The color is fun, elegant, and attractive at the same time. It brings you closer to the reddish tones without reaching the coppery ones that have recently been so famous. Also, the nice thing about this shade versus pure red is that it lasts a bit longer and doesn't oxidize as quickly, so it requires less maintenance. It also admits variations to wear it darker or lighter, depending on skin tones, within which it is still an intense color.
Cherry Red
A bold tone with many personalities that usually favor, especially the most tanned skins. It has several shades and several versions of this peculiar cherry red. Therefore, a mask of the same color is needed constantly to keep this color vibrant.

Vanilla Blondes

It is a platinum shade with a delicate vanilla undertone, giving it a certain warmth. It is a blonde that gives off a lot of light, which makes it especially beautiful, although it needs more care. It favors white and cold skin because it softens them, although it also stands out on medium skin with light eyes. To keep it this beautiful, you must avoid yellow details. Sunscreen for hair daily, even if we don't sunbathe, and shampoo for platinum.

Express Brown

It is a deep dark brown that always maintains its shine but also requires a lot of care. Avoid heat, such as irons and dryers. Drying in the open air is much better. To protect the color, use special shampoos and conditioners frequently. In women with dark or olive skin, it is perfect. Also better if they have brown eyes.

Sweet Candies

Caramel hair color is one of the ideals for the winter season as it will bring warmth to your look in the cold months. Great for lighting up brunette or dark brown hair. One of the trendiest shades is an expensive brunette, which is nothing more than an enriched brown with dimension and a lot of shine to make it look healthy. It is not a single color but a combination of several custom shades. A formula that works is to create some lights near the face and in the parting line and then apply a lighter brown. In this way, we will achieve the effect of the sun on the strands.

Solid Gray

It is the most natural gray since this tone takes our original base as a starting point. If our base is dark or we have scattered gray hair, this is a way to wear a flattering color that is easy to maintain. Try a good combination of earth tones, with silver and beige. It is about enhancing the pigments we naturally find in the hair to give them a new presence, transporting them towards unique, more up-to-date nuances.

Blonde Money Pieces

The great advantage of the 'blonde money pieces' trend in highlights is that it favors all base shades and all face shapes. It provides a lot of light to the face, one of the most sought-after aspects today. It is not a new technique, but this summer, there will be a tendency towards warmer blondes, as opposed to the cold ones carried in recent seasons. These highlights around the face are perfect for 'lifting' the color, providing more light around the contour of the face and awakening the look. It is ideal for long or medium hair.

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