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Tips To Wear The Coat Well This Winter Season

Tips To Wear The Coat Well This Winter Season

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In winter, the coat is the star of the season. So wearing it in the right way will make a difference, or sometimes it's a matter of knowing how to combine the clothes.
Here we will give you 5 style tips, directly from the experts to make your coat look perfect.

1. Take a chance with intense color.

Put a good face on the cold with a look that radiates vitality. Normally in winter, wardrobes tend to go out, however, this season, along with the traditional black and camel colors, coats of many colors arrive. Like fuchsia pink, emerald green, sky blue. These tones will give your look a differential touch.

2. Put the coat on your shoulders

Putting the coat on men gives the outfit a certain sophistication. A fashionista style. Queen Letizia and Melania Trump have been putting it into practice for some time.
It is very important that the coat, when worn, fits very well, without decompensating on either side, so that it feels and looks good.

3. Pop the top

How can you give a different style to a classic coat? It can include completely antagonistic garments. If you have a camel-colored coat, you can combine it and make it less serious with sneakers and a sweatshirt. If you want to give it a more differential touch, remove the hood from the outside.
One of the traditional winning combinations is to use camel color with black. Another trick that can work very well for you is when you contrast the width of the coat, using narrow pants (oversize models).

4. Choose a single color

The white coat has been a trend and has been fulfilled this season. Where you can combine the other garments with the same tone. The coat gains strength when combined with the rest of the outfit.
The advantages of using this look is that you are less likely to go wrong. Another advantage is how much easier it is, when looking for your clothes in a single tone.

5. Bet on contrast

We emphasize it a lot, there is nothing better than combining clothes of different styles in the same look, a coat with jeans. This combination is perfect, it shows us that it is predictable and denotes elegance.
Most of the time we have already studied the Christmas looks, suddenly you chose a tailor or a dress. But we almost always think of the coat last. Error. You must choose a design that you can use later in your day to day.

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