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7 simple ways to refresh your look for fall

7 simple ways to refresh your look for fall

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Chilly temperatures bring opportunities to add more layers of clothing to your look, meaning that while you might physically need to wear more clothing, you'll also have a chance to switch up your aesthetic.
Sourced from fashion experts and celebrity stylists, here are 7 ways to freshen up your look this fall.

1. Donate and Freshen Up

Any clothes that no longer fit you should be donated to those who can use them. When your wardrobe is lighter, you feel lighter too.
There's no point in cluttering up your wardrobe with items from your past. Instead, be realistic and be honest with yourself. If you last wore it a year ago, it's time to donate it to charity. Scaling down your wardrobe is an effective way to refine your style.

It means you have more space for classic pieces, like coats and jackets, that will last a lifetime.

2. Scarves Are Essential

In Winter, scarves are the ultimate accessory. A beautiful, bright scarf can make all the difference to an otherwise dreary day. Wearing darker colors in Winter makes sense. In addition, a lovely scarf is inexpensive to liven up any muted Winter outfit.
It adds a pop of color and allows you to change up the same outfit and make it look different.
Cute scarves make it look like you've put effort into an outfit. Plus, they keep you cozy and feeling comfortable in the chill.

3. Don't be afraid of bright colors like neon pink.

Muted "millennial pink" has been ruling fashion for several seasons in a row now.
Like the plaid trend, if head-to-toe hot pink freaks you out, sneak it in subtler ways. For example, try a bright pink top or shoes.

4. It's All About Layers

In chilly months, layers are the way forward. It's the easiest way to stay warm throughout the day. Not only do layers seal in the heat, but they also look super cool and put together.
For extra warmth, try a plain white cotton vest under your clothing. A fine-gauge knit can also look smart over your work shirt or under a suit.
If the temperature goes up, you pop off a layer. You can layer just about anything. Your blouses, shirts, and cardigans will all look great.

5. Make a mood board on Pinterest

Now that you know what you're in the market for, you need to figure out precisely what aesthetic you're going for this fall.
Before making any purchases, create a virtual or real-life collage of influences. For example, pull from photos of fashion bloggers, models, advertisements, fashion editorials, or whatever inspires you.
As you keep cutting, pasting, and pinning, you'll probably see some themes emerge. Keep these looks in mind as you get ready to make purchases.

6. Invest in Different Coats

We all know that coats are expensive. However, the reality is that you will wear one every day during the colder months.
The struggle is that it can feel like you're wearing the same outfit until April because you're stuck in one or two coats. A trick is to invest in a few different styles – a smarter wool coat, a rain mac, a parka, or a leather jacket. Then, depending on your mood, you can switch it up and stay warm.

7. Pay Attention to the Forecast

This last tip is the most important. It's unnecessary to lug around hats, gloves, and scarves all Winter. When you know the exact temperature and rain forecast, you'll be more prepared with the appropriate accessories. Check out the top supplements for this year.
You can avoid taking extra heavy coats and layers on warmer days, and you'll be ready with an umbrella on wet days. Check the weather in the morning while getting dressed to get the most accurate Forecast for the day. Then, you can fit what you need in your handbag instead of taking every item just in case.
After reading this article, you should be armed with smart tips and fresh ideas about dressing nicer in the colder months.

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